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Chapter 3
Important piece of History
Much to Crystal's surprise, her mum hadn't acted surprised when she knocked on the door as a dragon, however, she did have lots of questions, all of which Star answered without objection. Baby Violet however, had a much louder response to her sister's appearance. She started by screaming, then crying and lastly, giggles when Crystal started making funny faces.
'I'll be here at ten to nine,' Star concluded, 'and don't worry, we won't be doing anything dangerous.'
True to her word, Star came back at ten to nine the next day. Crystal had been showing off the previous night, claiming to have mastered changing back and forth between human and dragon. Her Dad had been quite surprised when he saw a tail hanging out the door, and to seeing the transformations, but not as much as Crystal had expected.
'Ready to go?' Star asked.
'Yes!' Crystal replied, 'hey! Watch this!'
Her mum shook her head
Crystal ran up to the steps off the veranda, jumped and transformed mid air, and made and attempt to hover, but instead stayed in the air for half a second, then face planted into the dirt.
Star tried not to laugh, Violet however, nearly fell off her high chair inside the house in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Her mum ran up to her when Star said, 'don't worry, it happens to everyone at first. You're ok aren't you?'
'Yeah,' replied Crystal, her cheek scales turning a funny shade of aqua green.
'What's that on your face,' asked her mum.
Crystal scratched at her face, but there was nothing there.
'She's blushing,' said Star, 'humans turn pink because that's the colour of their skin, and she turns Aqua green because her scales are green.'
With the embarrassment behind her, Crystal followed Star through another orb that she made appear.
This time, they appeared at the door in the tall tower with no roof in the castle. But Star did not knock, instead, she told Crystal to grab her around the neck, like she did yesterday.
Doing as she was told, she changed back to a human, then climbed onto Star's back and wrapped her arms around her neck.
'Where are we going?' asked Crystal eagerly.
'Out to the Miora Plain. That huge grassy area to the north.'
Crystal, didn't want to ask, but she had no idea which way north was.
Jumping off the ledge and up to the gap in the roof. From there, she turned north and glided down gently.
When they were closer to the ground, Crystal realized there were two dragons sitting in the grass. One was large and green and one was small and blue. When they landed, Crystal instantly recognised the blue dragon as Frills, due to the red cape and gold crown he wore, but she didn't know the large green dragon. She jumped off Star's back and was instantly chest high in grass. Crystal knew that Frills was the same height as Star when she stood on two legs, and she knew that, on two legs, Star stood double the height of an adult. The large green dragon was lying down and was as high as Frills.
'Crystal,' Said Alexandia, 'this is Emeralda.'
The green dragon nodded at Crystal and said, 'pleasure to meet you.'
Crystal nodded back and said, 'you too.'
'We thought, because you're so young, it might be good for you to have some extra protection. That's Emeralda's job,' said Star
'I'm not young! I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself!' argued Crystal.
'Well even big girls need help,' said Frills.
'Not me,' boasted Crystal, 'I'm tough!'
Emeralda raised an eyebrow then lowered her head so she was eye level with Crystal. She smiled at the little girl, then her mood seemed to change. She pulled her lips up, baring her teeth, and angled her head and shot a burst of green fire that only just missed Crystal's head, but it burnt some of her hair, if only a little.
Crystal screamed and hid behind Star.
'If I had chosen to, I could have burnt you to a crisp. It would be as simple as that and you couldn't do a thing but run, but chances are, a dragon would catch you before you got more than a few metres. I can tell if someone wishes you harm little one, just like they say dogs can, and I can protect you.'
'That may not have been the best way to demonstrate Emeralda,' said Star looking at the little girl wrapping her arms around her purple legs.
Realizing she had just petrified her, Emeralda lowered her head so it was on the ground and said, 'I'm sorry crystal but you had to see it this way, this world can be dangerous, and you need the help.'
Crystal remained where she was, staring at the giant green dragon.
'Well this is going to make your training all the more harder,' said Frills, throwing as scowl at Emeralda, who snarled in return, 'you were to be taken to your training grounds by Emeralda.'
'No,' replied Crystal.
'I won't be far behind you,' comforted Star.
'Mmm…ok,' said Crystal, 'but don't go too far behind.'
'I promise I won't.'
Crystal stood up and walked closer to Emeralda, whose head was still flat on the ground. Crystal had only just noticed a kind of saddle. The dragon smiled.
'Up you go,' said Star.
Crystal grabbed the stirrups on the side of the saddle and pulled herself up. When she was on the dragon's back, she put her feet in the stirrups and said, 'it's just like a horsy saddle.'
'Except for this,' said Frills walking over to her holding a harness that would strap around her shoulders and stomach. Crystal put it on. Then Frills grabbed a rope with a hook dangling from the saddle and clipped the hook into a small loop. Then he grabbed a piece of leather that was attached to the stirrup and wrapped it around her leg, while Star did the same on the other side.
'What's with all this stuff?' asked Crystal.
'To make sure you don't fall off,' answered Emeralda.
Crystal gulped.
Emeralda lifted herself off the ground and stretched her wings. Crystal didn't notice how tall Emeralda was before, but now she was sitting on her back, it looked like a big fall to the ground, and they hadn't even lifted off the ground yet. She gripped onto Emeralda's neck, carefully avoiding the white spines. Emeralda giggled.
'I'll meet you there!' called Frills.
Emeralda leapt into the air with one flap of her wings. The ground seemed really far away now as they flew higher, with Crystal screaming all the way up. It was very different than flying with Star. Emeralda flew much faster and each flap of her wings felt like it took forever to complete. After a minute, Crystal was still screaming. The high pitched noise hurt Emeralda's ears and felt like someone was stabbing her ear with a sword.
'STOP IT KID!' she shouted.
Crystal stopped screaming, but made a weird whimpering noise.
'Please slow down!' she called back.
'I can't. If I do, well fall out of the sky. I'm flying as slow as I can.'
So Crystal gripped tight to a spike on Emeralda's back and kept quiet. True to her word, Star stayed close behind the two of them.
They flew further north, past Miora grass lands and continued. They then turned west, towards the forests.
The trees were thick and solid, growing closely together. They looked more like a thick wall than trees. The sun was high in the sky by the time they arrived at their destination (by which time Crystal had forgotten about her fears and was now leaning over to get a better look of the world around her).
There was a break in the thick forest, a perfect circle of grass, uncovered and exposed. Emeralda angled herself to the circle. As they got lower, Crystal saw Frills again.
'Well it seems you have arrived here in one piece my dear,' he called.
Emeralda landed in the centre of the grassy circle, Star landing to her right. She unclipped the various devices that kept Crystal in the saddle, helped her down and took off her harness.
Crystal morphed into a dragon the second the harness slipped over her head.
'Oh can you teach me how to breathe fire first? Or-or-or…um…how to use my wings as a shield, or…'
'Slow down!' called Star laughing.
Crystal was now racing around the grassy patch of ground like a giant green puppy. At Star's command, she bounded back, bouncing with excitement.
'Before I can teach you anything like that, you need to understand why you have become like this,' said Star.
'I know why, because you used magic to change me into this.
'But why would I do that?'
'I dunno…'
'Because we need a big tough girl to help us,' said Frills.
'That dragon that attacked you yesterday,' began Star, 'it was a Shadow-dragon. We've been at war with them for nearly 3000 years.'
'That's a really long time to be fighting with someone,' said Crystal. It was obvious she was more interested in using her heightened senses to see what was around her.
'Focus Crystal,' warned Star, 'don't you want to know why that dragon attacked you?'
Crystal's attention instantly tuned to Star.
'Before I tell you, you need to know about two very important dragons. Mytharian and Tatsu.
'Tell me!'
'Many thousands of years ago, there were ten worlds…'
'Ten worlds!' repeated Crystal.
'yes, Earth is not the only life supporting planet,' said Star, 'I don't know how your kind hasn't found us yet, it's not that far…'
'Wait…we're not on earth?'
Star nodded her head, 'yes this world is called Dralic…now where was I? Oh that's right! Humans, dragons, animals, all the creatures lived together in harmony in the ten worlds, including the Shadow dragons. All the worlds were ruled by King Alexandia Frills the first. Everything was peaceful. Everything was right.'
'King Alexandia Frills the first is my great, great, great grandfather,' added Frills.
'One day, a Shadow dragons by the name of Mytharian Charitain, went to speak to Frills. He said that the Shadow Dragons should have their own planet and their own kingdom, in case we were attacked. Frills refused, saying nothing was going to attack us. He said they would be safe just the way things are. Mytharian was outraged. He claimed that if ever there was an attack from someone, if the Shadow dragons were a separate kingdom, they would welcome the other ten worlds. But Frills refused again. In a flurry of anger and rage, Mytharian stormed out of the palace, swearing that Frills would regret that decision. Although Mytharian had some good points, Frills knew those were not the true reasons for the suggestion. For Mytharian was a greedy and selfish Shadow Dragon. All he wanted was power.
'Mytharian kept true to his promise. The Shadow Dragons were loyal to him and soon they found a new planet to live on. They attacked Frill's kingdom, attempting to destroy the source of all out power, an object known only as the heart.
'Many humans and animals fled to earth, one of the now eleven worlds, and withdrew from the war. They created their own kingdoms and soon, after no contact with the other ten worlds, forgot about us.'
'King Alexandra Frills the first was later killed in battle and his son, Alexandra Frills the second took his place. Frills the second had had enough of the war and attempted to create piece but Mytharian refused, and so the war raged on.
'When Alexandra Frills the third took over the throne, he too tried to finish the war peacefully. When Mytharian refused again, Frills the third came up with an idea. He got his subjects together and suggested making a 'super warrior'. To make his plan a success, they needed a volunteer. A dragon by the name of Tatsu stepped forward. By using the most complicated spell ever known. It gave him the abilities of every kind of creature, known and unknown.
'All the creatures called him the protector. He was a hero. He would be the first in a battle. One day, Frills sent him to a battle only he could fight. He sent him to fight Mytharian. But much to Frill's frustration, Tatsu had trained another and given him some of his powers. He asked if the young dragon could come along with him. Frills said no. he told him that this was his fight, not a fight for a young 'protector in training'.
'And so Tatsu left to fight Mytharian. By then, the war had been on for over two thousand years. When Tatsu came to face Mytharian, rumour said that he was larger than the castle and was as powerful as Tatsu. Tatsu never returned from the battle and the young dragon he had trained continued his work, and, when he grew old, he passed the power to another. As each protector neared the end of their life, or, felt they knew someone worthy to fight alongside, they would train another to become a protector.'
'So that's why that little dragon asked you for an autograph earlier. You're a protector!' said Crystal.
'Not anymore,' replied Star, 'you are the protector now, or you will be once you've been trained.'
'Was that really the reason he wanted his own kingdom?' asked Crystal.
'Mytharian,' replied Crystal as though it was completely obvious, 'did he really want his own kingdom so everyone would be safer?'
'Mytharian was, and still is, evil and greedy. He wanted it for no other reason than to be a king himself!' spat Frills.
Star nodded, 'while that may be true, before the Shadow Dragons left our worlds, there were many complaints of harsh rumours and discrimination towards them, which could have lead to it as well.'
'What's des-crimon-ation?'
'When you're mean to someone because they're different,' answered Emeralda.
'More or less,' added Star.
'That's not nice,' said Crystal.
'No, it's not. But it's what happened, but that's over with now. Are you ready to start your training?' asked Star.
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